Welcome!  It can be very hard to learn that your young child needs glasses.  I remember being overwhelmed and worried when I learned that my daughter Zoe would need glasses at a year old.  When I didn't find much online, I started the website Little Four Eyes to be a place where parents could share information and tips and support.  But beyond just trying to figure all out all that went along with glasses, I wanted a book about glasses that Zoe might enjoy. I found very little.  There's some great books out there for kids in glasses, but most involve situations that babies and young toddlers just aren't likely to encounter, like being at school, or having kids tease you.  I really wanted to find a book that was simple and positive.

Inspiration for Glasses came after hearing from so many parents that their child loved looking at the Little Four Eyes photo gallery and in fact, many kids were more willing to wear their glasses after seeing other kids their age in glasses.

Glasses has a simple rhyming text that celebrates glasses in a young child's life. 

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Check out this sweet reading of Glasses. (Posted with permission)

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"Look, Mommy, they all have glasses like me!" - M, age 3.

"Thank you for making a book that encourages my daughter to wear her glasses!"

"He was beyond thrilled to see all the 'babies' in 'sasses'. "